Route and Log of the Journey from the Municipality of Santa Fe in New MexicoLetter from the Count of Paredes, Viceroy of México, to the King, Informing Him of the General Rebellion of the Indians of the Province of New Mexico, February 28, 1681An account of the Provinces of Quivira and Teguayo, near New Mexico, by Fray Alonso de PosadaInstructions Given to Don Pedro de Peralta When He Was Named Governor and Captain General of New Mexico, March 30, 1609, MéxicoRegulations, San Ildefonso, September 10, 1772Regulations, Mexico, April 29, 1729Testimony of the Account of Francisco Sánchez Chamuscado, May 14, 1600, MexicoLetter Signed by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, October 20, 1541, Province of TiguexCard Sent by Governor Juan Bautista de Anza to Comanche Captain General Ecueracapa, May 19, 1786Design of a Set of Flags and Pennants of New OrleansGreat Medal Chief TitleCoat of Arms of Diego GardoquiPortrait of General George WashingtonFour Dollar Note Issued by the United ColoniesCoat of Arms of the Province of LouisianaDesign for the flag of the Fixed Infantry Regiment of LouisianaUniform Design for the Fixed Infantry Regiment of LouisianaCopy of the “Map delineated by the Gnacsitares Indians on deerskin…” and “Map of the Largo river and others that enter into the Palizada or Mississippi…”Profile of the City of Quebec, in New France (Canada)Map of the Province of the Casdudacho Nation (Texas)Plan of the Entrance to the Lake (Bay of Espíritu Santo) Where Monsieur de la Salle Was LeftLateral View of the French Ship BelleMap of Pimería Alta According to Observations Painted by Don N.N. Anbile, November 12, 1757Cavalry Uniform Design Drawn by Ramón Murillo, August 26, 1804Uniform Design of the “Hussars of Texas in Action of War” by Ramón Murillo, August 26, 1804View of a Barrack, Warehouse, and Kitchen for the Troops in Baton RougeMap of New Mexico by Francisco Álvarez Barreiro, January 12, 1727Description of Apalachee Cove, River, and Settlement, June 6, 1706Plan of the Fort of Santa ElenaPlan of the Fort of St. Augustine, FloridaParish Church of St. Augustine, Florida by Mariano de la Rocque, July 31, 1789Convent of San Francisco by Mariano de la Rocque, St. Augustine, Florida, October 3, 1788Map of California by Diego TroncosoMap of the Missions Founded in the Lands of the PimeríaMap of New Mexico by the Cosmographer Enrico MartínezOldest Known Map of New GaliciaMap of the West Coast of New SpainFirst Known Spanish Field Drawing of a Buffalo