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The Threads of Memory: Spain and the United States (El Hilo de la Memoria: España y los Estados Unidos) gives classroom teachers a chance to help students understand the importance of Spain in the development of what is now the United States. Using primary documents from the exhibition, students can explore what Spanish explorers saw and experienced.

Students will examine a series of drawings, maps and letters from the exhibit. After observing each drawing and placing it in its appropriate century, they will compare and contrast the images and write personal interpretations.

Scheduling a School Group Visit

A visit to the New Mexico History Museum and the Palace of the Governors will immerse your students in a highly interactive, sensory-rich environment, engaging them in ways that promote keen observation and independent thinking. Guided by your curriculum as they explore both the oldest public building in America and the largest history museum in New Mexico, your students will truly experience our New Mexico history, not just study it. Here at the New Mexico History Museum and the Palace of the Governors, we say, “History… get into it!”

To ensure your students have the best possible experience at the New Mexico History Museum (NMHM), we have developed the following procedures:

  • At NMHM, we define school groups as any group of students, teachers and chaperones from a public, private or home school environment. There are no age limits on who is defined as a student. In other words, classes made up of students of ANY age who are accompanied by a teacher are considered a school group. NMHM also offers the same consideration to bona fide youth groups such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, and the like.
  • We ask that you pre-schedule your visit to NMHM at least two weeks in advance. Scheduling in advance enables you to receive free admission for everyone in your group who would normally be charged an admission fee. Note: we welcome unannounced visits to the museum, but admission is free for students AND chaperones ONLY if visits are scheduled in advance.
  • Students under age 17 are always admitted free to NMHM.
  • NMHM is open during the school year Tuesday-Sunday, with school group visits available for scheduling daily at 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. Please arrange to be at the museum on time for your visit.
  • We ask that you bring at least one adult chaperone for every six students in your group. NMHM staff is not available to assist in managing your group’s behavior in the Museum.
  • If your group numbers more than eighty students, plan to divide the group in half so that one can visit NMHM while the other half visits another Santa Fe destination, such as the New Mexico Museum of Art. The two are directly across Lincoln Avenue from one another, which makes it possible for a larger group to see two museums in one day and have a quality experience at both. To arrange a visit to the Museum of Art, contact Ellen Zieselman at 505-476-5075.
  • To schedule your school group visit, please contact the museum by phone at (505) 476-5087 or email When your group is scheduled, you will receive email confirmation of your visit and information about your day at the museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to visit?
NMHM offers free admission for all students and adults in your group if you book your visit in advance. If you simply “drop by” you will be welcomed, however members of your group who are 17 and older will be charged an admission fee of $6.00 each.

Where is the museum?
NMHM is located directly behind the Palace of the Governors, just off the Santa Fe Plaza, between Lincoln and Washington Avenues.

Where do we enter the museum?
Use the Group Entrance on Washington Avenue.

Where can our bus park?
NMHM does not have its own parking lot or ramp. The public lot behind the Cathedral, off Alameda Street is where most school busses find suitable parking close by.

Is there a place where we can eat?
NMHM does not have a space to provide groups to sit and eat. Many groups sit on the Plaza bandstand and enjoy people watching while they have their lunches.

Do you give guided tours?
While NMHM does not offer guided tours of the museum for school groups, your group will be greeted by a staff member who will show you where there are cubbies, secure lockers and restrooms, and who will give you an orientation to the museum before your visit begins.

What all is there to see?
Your group will be able to visit the New Mexico History Museum, the Palace of the Governors, the Palace Press, and the Native American Artisans on the Palace Portal,  all of which are part of the total NMHM Campus.

How many adults do we need to bring?
You should bring a minimum of one adult for every six students in your group.

How far is it from the RailRunner stop to the museum?
Depending on the size and mobility of your group, allow 10-20 minutes on foot.
You may wish to opt for the free shuttle service that runs from the stop to the Plaza.

What are your rules for students?
Generally the same as in your classroom. NMHM is not a library so there is no expectation of complete silence. Simple respect of their surroundings and of other visitors is expected. Photography of any kind, camera or cell phone, is strictly forbidden. We ask that students carry and use only pencils in the museum, and that they refrain from gum-chewing while at NMHM. Teachers and chaperones have primary responsibility for behavior issues. NMHM security staff will get involved only in extreme cases of misbehavior, and reserve the right to expel anyone from the museum who they deem poses a threat to the collections, exhibits, or other visitors.